From the Peruvian artisan direct to you, quality Peruvian handicrafts at great prices. Fair Trade.

` Thirty five years ago my Peruvian born wife Annie and myself began importing and selling handicrafts from Peru,attending craft fairs and events throughout the UK. It was clear then that the British public had an affinity with Peru such was their fascination and interest with the products on display on our stall. Not only did they want to buy but to also learn about the history of the items we had.So our market appearances were not simply for retail purposes but also to promote and educate .
The enthusiasm and interest , not to mention the retail success we enjoyed on the markets encouraged us to open our first high street shop in 1990 which proved to be extremely popular not only with the general public but also the media who were also interested in what we were doing since our shop at the time was genuinely unique.It wasn't long before we opened four more outlets with each one doing well.

Throughout it all we have endeavored to introduce and sell to the consumer the wonderfully diverse range of handicrafts that Peru has to offer and also to promote the rich cultural traditions of this fabulous country.

We have always dealt on a fair trade basis directly with the artisans and have developed very close relationships with them over the years. The products we promote and sell are at prices which we believe offer excellent value for money and which reflect our close association with the artisan.

Today, Annie and I have come full circle ! We no longer have any retail outlets but instead have chosen to return to our market way of life which in many ways is preferable to retail outlets.We love what we do and you can find us each week end at Stratford upon Avon on Waterside.

So thank you for your interest and we look forward to you hopefully becoming one of the many thousands of happy customers we have served over the years.

Why not pay us a visit at Stratford upon will be great to meet you !!

Many thanks, Muchas gracias

Paul and Annie.xx

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